Friday, November 24th

Time: 7:00PM-10:00PM

Location: Bladensburg Community Center (4500 57th Ave Bladensburg, MD 20710)

Ages: 6-12

Cost: Free

Divine Slime Making (Science)

Learn how to use household products to create your own slime.

Saturday, November 25th

Time: 11:00AM

Location: Deerfield Run Community Center (13000 Laurel-Bowie Rd Laurel, MD 207708)

Ages: 6-12

Cost: Free

Minecraft Building Challenge (Technology)

Work with a team to help build various buildings while using the Minecraft video game. Participants will use physical blueprints to assist with planning and building their structures.

Saturday, November 25th

Time: 1:00PM

Location: Upper Marlboro Community Center (5400 Marlboro Race Track Rd Upper Marlboro, MD 20772)

Ages: All

Cost: Resident $2; Non-Resident $3; Free with M-NCPPC Youth ID

Einstein Alive! (Science)

Marc Spiegel brings Albert Einstein to life! Professor Einstein talks bout his childhood, the challenges her faced, and the "adventures" he had within his mind. He speaks about his fame and what it means to be a theoretical physicist, Professor Einstein uses song, humor and audience participation to show how "strong motion" is and what the terms "relative" and "frame of reference" really means.

Monday, November 27th

Time: 6:30PM

Location: John E. Howard Community Center (4400 Shell St. Capitol Heights, MD 20743)

Ages: 11-16

Cost: Free

3D Printing Projects (Technology)

Using a 3-D printer, students can use their imagination to create their own 3D projects!

Wednesday, November 29th

Time: 10:15AM

Location: Publick Playhouse (5445 Landover Rd Cheverly, MD 20784)

Ages: Grades 3-5

Cost: $8 per person; $6 per person in groups of 20 or more

Thomas Edison: Inventor, Lecturer and Prankster (Science)

Meet the greatest inventor of all time, live and in-person! Help Thomas Edison recreate some of his most famous experiments, and learn some secrets that will help you every day when you try to solve problems. Maybe you'll learn how to work around mistakes to keep your light bulb bright and incentive ideas flowing! Curriculum Connections: Mathematics, Science, US History

Wednesday, November 29thTime: 6:30PM

Location: John E. Howard Community Center (4400 Shell St. Capitol Heights, MD 20743)

Ages: 11-16

Cost: Free

Circuit Experimentation Lab (Engineering)

Experience the many amazing things that are possible when you complete an electric circuit. Be prepared to be shocked about what you learn.

Thursday, November 30thTime: 6:30PM-8:30PM

Location: Glenarden Community Center (8615 McLain Ave Glenarden, MD 20706)

Ages: 11-16

Cost: Free

STEAM-y Frame of Mind (Arts)

You will bridge art and science by creating unique artwork inspired by nature.

Additional information about the above activities can be found here on PG Parks website. You can also RSVP by calling the host facility.